Wandering Stones

Welcome to Wandering Stones Challenge at Wilden

Here's the challenge of Wandering Stones at Wilden!

Decorated Stones have been hidden in and around Wilden in open public places for you to find. 

If you find one or more you can then enter them on the database and track where they go as they wander about Wilden.

Happy searching!

CONGRATULATIONS - If you have found one of our Wandering Stones!

All the Hidden Stones are shown below.

Note your stone's unique number (for example: W7), then click the "Location of Stone" Button to enter the location

of where your stone was found.

We hope that you have re-hidden the stone in a different location, but please remember

to only hide the stone in a safe Public area.

NOT on private land, private gardens etc. 

You can track the journey of all the Wandering Stones by clicking the "Track Stones" Button

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